Most Useful Sketch Shortcuts

By Grace Ficke on 30 Nov 2018

Here are my top 7 favorite Sketch 52 shortcuts!

#1 Zoom

Command+1 = Zoom to include all objects in the workspace. Command+2 = Zoom to selected objects. Command+0 = Return to origional zoom.

#2 Arrange along the Z-axis

Option+Command+Up/Down = Send foward/backward. Control+Option+Command+Up/Down = Send to front/back.

#3 Input Math

#4 Precision Selections

Option+Selection= Select only entirely selected objects Selection → Right click → Select Layer

#5 Fills and Borders

Selection+F = Add/Remove Fill Selection+B = Add/Remove Borders

#6 Next Item

Point+Tab = Next Point Layer+Tab = Next Layer

#7 Pixel Adjustments

Option+Arrow Keys = Adjust element by 1 pixel.


Take shortcuts to the next level by creating your own custom shortcuts. If you want a more extensive list of shortcuts this a great place to start!

There’s already a plethora of useful shortcuts, and if that’s not enough you can create your own too!

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